The Rules

  1. This is a flats and fly only permit fishing tournament.
  2. Licensed guides may fish as anglers. The boat may be guided by either a licensed guide or an unlicensed individual.  Prior to the start of the tournament, an individual must be designated as the “Angler” and the angler’s guide must be designated as the “Guide”.
  3. Only the Angler may touch the rod, reel or line while line is outside the boat. Exception: when the Angler is landing and releasing the fish, the Guide may then touch the line, but no more than the length of the rod from the hook.
  4. All fish must be boated, measured, tagged and photographed on the measuring device provided and released alive. The fork of the tail of the fish must be touching the peg on the measuring device and the tape on the measuring device must be marked at the end of the nose of the fish. The time the fish is caught must also be noted on the tape. The fish’s length is the length from the side of the grommet closest to the body of the fish to the mark on the tape.
  5. It will be necessary to provide a photograph of the tagged fish showing the tag in place, in order to score. If the photo of the fish on the measuring board shows the tag an additional photo is not needed. Tag must also be in the correct place in the fish for it to score.
  6. Digital cameras must be provided by the Angler and/or Guide.  A photograph on the digital camera’s screen, of fish caught, must be shown to the score-keeper. There is no minimum length of fish.
  7. Fishing range is unlimited. All boats however, must leave from and return to tournament headquarters each day by water. No trailering.
  8. Only “flats skiff” type boats with poling towers may be used.
  9. Boats may leave the tournament dock at 7:30 AM. Lines out at 4:00 pm. At 4:00 pm, if the boat is on a flat, the angler must sit down and the guide will pole the boat promptly off the flat. If a fish is hooked prior to 4:00 pm it may be caught after 4:00 pm but after it is caught, the Angler must sit down and the Guide must promptly pole the boat off the flat. Boats must return to dock by 5:00 pm unless a breakdown occurs in which case the rules committee may grant an extension. This will require guides to possibly stop fishing prior to 4:00 if they choose to fish at a distance from the tournament headquarters late in the day.
  10. There will be no fishing before or after tournament hours.
  11. The Daily catch form MUST be returned to the Scorekeeper by Angler or Guide at the end of each fishing day together with the marked tape when one or more fish are caught.  Tagging information including the general location of the catch must be recorded (for BTT) and this information will remain confidential. A portion of your daily catch form has a place to enter Tag# and Location.
  12. IGFA rules apply to all fly tackle and leaders except where otherwise stated within these rules.
  13. If a rod is broken while playing a fish, the fish may still be landed and counted.
  14. Overall landing net length may not exceed 8 feet.
  15. Only artificial flies with a single hook are allowed.
  16. Maximum tippet strength is 20# as per manufacturer’s rating. Any brand of leader material may be used. Any length leader may be fished.
  17. No Chumming or tipping the fly with scent or bait is allowed. There shall be no bait on board the boat during the tournament.
  18. Permit must be cast to in water that is no deeper than eight feet. Permit must be on a flat or flat edge, but not in a channel. No wreck fishing. Catching fish over natural structure is permitted as long as the natural structure is on a flat in less the eight feet of water.
  19. Wading is permitted.
  20. All protests must be submitted in written form to the tournament rules committee by 5:30 pm on the day of fishing that the proposed infraction occurred.
  21. Ties shall be broken by the time of the last fish caught first.
  22. No cell phones shall be used during fishing except either in an emergency or to photograph a fish.
  23. For the purpose of these rules, the tournament headquarters shall be Key West Harbour Yacht Club.
  24. All boats with fish to score must check in at Scorekeeper’s table by 5PM. No fish will be scored unless the check-in is at or prior to 5PM.
  25. Only an angler and the guide may occupy the boat during fishing hours unless otherwise approved by the Tournament Rules Committee prior to that fishing day.

Grand Champion/Guide to Grand Champion based on highest total points
Largest Permit/Guide to Largest Permit based on longest single fish
First Runner-up/Guide to First runner-up based on 2nd highest total points.
Second Runner-up/Guide to Second runner-up based on 3rd highest total points.

4 points per full inch
1 point per full quarter inch