Tournament Info


The tournament events are being held at Key West Harbour Yacht Club and each fishing day starts and ends at Key West Harbour Yacht Club. The Marina is located at 6000 Peninsular Avenue on Stock Island.

On each fishing day, anglers should check in at Marina dock at 7:30 AM. Boats may leave the dock at 8:30 am and begin fishing anytime thereafter. Fishing ends at 5:00 pm. Boats must return to the Marina and check in at the scorekeeper’s table by 5:00 pm .

Please note that NO box lunches are provided for tournament participants.

Also, the rules require that each fish be photographed with a digital camera which must be provided by the Angler or the Guide. At the close of each fishing day, a Daily Catch Form, marked tape and tagging data sheet must be submitted to the Scorekeeper if one or more fish are caught.

The Scorekeeper must also be shown a photograph on the screen of the digital camera of the fish on the measuring board with tag in proper place.

All proceeds from the tournament after the deduction of direct tournament costs will be donated to the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and to the Lower Keys Guides Association.

The members of the Tournament Rules Committee are:  John O’Hearn, Scott Christian, Justin Rea, Don Gable and Clint Packo
The Scorekeepers are: Loren Rea, Celia Tolle

Monday, March 9th – This is a practice fishing day. There is a reception starting at 6:00pm at Key West Harbour Yacht Club. Appetizers will be served and there will be a cash bar. Anglers and Guides will each receive a bag with a number of gifts and other items from our sponsors.

Before dinner,  we will go over any rules questions and explain how to measure, tag and photograph fish. At 7:00pm a buffet dinner will be served.

Tuesday, March 10th – Following the fishing, a buffet will be served and there will be a cash bar.

Wednesday, March 11th – Following the fishing, a buffet will be served and there will be a cash bar. There will be a rules meeting at 6PM.

Thursday, March 12th – Following the fishing, there will be a buffet served at 5PM.  At 6PM, awards will be given out.



Grand Champion
Guide to Grand Champion

1st Runner-Up
Guide to 1st Runner-Up

2nd Runner-Up
Guide to 2nd Runner-Up

Largest Permit
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