Permit Tracker Contest

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[/custom_frame_right] In addition to its normal fundraising activities, the March Merkin will be promoting a new fundraising program in 2016 called the “Permit Tracker” Contest. Whoever raises the most money will receive this beautiful Chris Bladen permit trophy and a pair of Costa del Mar sunglasses of their choice. The contest ends at 5:00pm on March 17, 2016.

permit-tag-stationBonefish and Tarpon Trust’s Project Permit has been significantly expanded to include an acoustical tagging study and we are very optimistic that it will provide invaluable information. This is a three-year study and BTT anticipates tagging thirty permit in each year of the study. All tagged permit will be tagged in the study area, between the Contents and the east side of Boca Grande Channel. Nathaniel Linville and the Angling Company have agreed to raise $15,000 to purchase the 30 tags to be used in the first year of the study.


The specific purpose of the March Merkin’s contest is to raise funds to help support the array of sixty hydrophone receivers (“permit trackers”) that BTT has already placed in the study area to record the tagged permits’ movements and provide other important information. Supporting the array includes among other things taking a boat twice a year to the 60 different permit tracker locations, retrieving the trackers, uploading all the information collected by the trackers, and re-positioning the trackers on the bottom.

We are asking 2016 March Merkin Anglers and Guides as well as Friends of the March Merkin to consider participating in the contest and supporting one or more permit trackers. This can be done by a participant either donating money and/or soliciting friends and acquaintances to make donations on behalf of the participant or any combination of both. Supporting a tracker for one year requires a donation of $1,000. A participant has the right to continue to support the tracker at the end of the first and second year of the study for a donation of $1,000 for each year. Any participant who supports a tracker may “name” it and also state their preference for their tracker’s general location. Please view the map above to see the general locations of the stations.

Each time BTT retrieves information from a permit tracker, they will provide the participant who supports that tracker with information about the activities of all the tagged permit that the named tracker has heard in the period between information retrievals. BTT will also provide each participant with a general summary of what all the trackers have detected during that period.

Additional information about BTT’s Project Permit and the expected benefits from acoustical tagging may be found by clicking here.


It’s Simple! Let us know that you wish to participate and we will create your own page on our website with a link directly to your page which we will provide to you. The page will include a picture, a short bio, a graphic “running total “ of the amount currently donated by you and/or on your behalf, the name or names you want to give to one or more permit trackers, the preferred location or locations of your permit trackers, and a “Donate” link to another page which will allow you or a friend or acquaintances to: (i) make a donation in any amount on your behalf via our Pay Pal account; and (ii) print a receipt for the donation from March Merkin,Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization which may be used to support a tax deductible charitable contribution on the donor’s tax return. You can either share the link to your page via email and social media and encourage donations or ask the donor to click on Permit Tracker Contest on our web-site, which will take them to this page. Anglers, Guides, and Friends participating in the Contest are listed below. Clicking on your name take one to your page. If anyone wishes to make a donation, they must complete the donation form on your page and and click on the box entitled “DONATE”.


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