2009 March Merkin Results

The 4th annual March Merkin Permit Tournament concluded today after three days of fishing by 25 anglers and guides who ranged from the Marquesas to Marathon in good weather conditions and lots of comraderie as monies were raised for the Don Hawley Foundation and Bonefish Tarpon Trust.

Grand Champion-Mike Allen

Guide to Grand Champion-Will Benson

1st Runner-Up-Jim Bouma

Guide to 1st Runner-Up-Greg Poland

2nd Runner-Up-Rob Luehrs

Guide to 2nd Runner-Up-Kris Suplee

Largest Permit-Mike Allen

Guide to Largest Permit-Will Benson

There were 14 Permit caught including the 2 that didn’t score points. The quote of the tournament belongs to guide Chris McCreedy who said “Nothing can ruin a good day of Permit fishing like the Permit”. Next year’s event will be the second week of March in Key West. If you are interested in getting on the waiting list for a spot please contact Jon Ain at jonathanain@aol.com